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Gurren lagann pokemon

2010-06-23 12:16:56 by LemonBreadMachine

well i have be drawing these Gurren Lagann pokemon pictures and now it has turned into a little mission to make one for all of the gurren lagann characters. I struggling with some of them and which pokemon they can suit.

So if anyone has any idea for some of them then let me know... im having to much fun with this :P

New Project

2010-05-08 05:23:40 by LemonBreadMachine

Im in the middle of working out a little pokemon / gurren lagann flash! dont think ill say to much till i have decided the story but i shall post the pictures im making of the characters i wont to us, there the main characters of gurren lagann but pokemon :) start getting some of my art out there!

Hello NG

2010-05-06 18:55:16 by LemonBreadMachine


thats me just signed in been totally be meaning too so i can start making animations, maybe get some views. this is still new to me but im trying to get my first animation from days in collage but till then... hello!